Iron Spring Software produces the Iron Spring PL/I compiler, the leading cross-platform PL/I compiler supporting both Linux and OS/2.

17 Dec, 2014
The "Downloads" page had incorrect links to the 0.9.6 files. Anyone who downloaded this version prior to 17 Dec, 2014 8:25AM EST should download again.

To check that you have downloaded the correct version, the command plic -V should display the following:

Iron Spring PL/I compiler 0.9.6 [...]   5 Nov, 2014
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Recent News
15 Dec, 2014: PL/I beta version 0.9.6 released.
This version adds the builtin sort subroutine PLISRTD, and the builtin functions IAND, IEOR, INOT, IOR, ISLL, and ISRL compatible with IBM Enterprise PL/I. It also adds the capability to handle IBM "packed decimal" format FIXED DECIMAL data.
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