Free Stuff
Downloadable collection of programs compilable by Iron Spring PL/I, and probably most other PL/I compilers. These programs come with no warranty.
  • "Adventure" game. This is the original 350-point adventure game. This version was taken from the CBT Tape and compiled with Iron Spring PL/I with minor changes. It requires at least version 0.9.4c to compile correctly.
  • Knuth's "Man or Boy" test. This version courtesy of Robert AH Prins. Compiled with Iron Spring PL/I with no changes. This program requires at least version 0.9.4b to work. Computes values up to k=15.
  • FORTRAN IV to PL/I translator. This is the original SHARE program 360D-12.2.002 ported to Iron Spring PL/I with minimal changes.
  • The XPL compiler generator system. A version of XPL ported to x86 architecture by David Bodenstab. This version has the "submonitor" support code compiled in Iron Spring PL/I. Currently Linux-only.
  • "Towers of Hanoi". This is the solution to the classic Computer Science problem as an OS/2 Presentation Manager program. Source and executable are provided. It is presented as an example of how to code PM programs in Iron Spring PL/I.
  • check. Modulus-11 check digit calculation from UK GUIDE tape.
  • elf_struct. This file contains PL/I definitions of some ELF data structures for x86-32 plus some sample code.
  • elf_hash. This is a PL/I translation of the hash function from the ELF standard.

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